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Event Management

Nelu’s events is where professional event managers have been organising conferences, events and exhibitions throughout Sri Lanka for years. At Nelu’s we provide the innovative thinking, expertise and dynamism that will make your event truly unique and highly memorable.

To each event we bring strategic planning skills, creativity and passion experience and state of the art technology. This combination means, every aspect of your event from planning to execution will reflect your organisation’s professionalism and overarching objectives.

At Nelu’s events we always have the backing of the other sectors within our group for all BTL (Below The Line) activities, thereby giving a greater degree of flexibility during each and every event. It is this flexibility that allows us to always be within reach and gives us the ability to setup any type of accessory you need for your event.


Shell scheme exhibition booths

Nelu’s Out of Home Media is a division that produces media which combines innovative technology and concepts such as video advertising networks and digital billboards, to help your product connect with more elusive consumers everywhere.

It gives an increasing number of alternative choices that brings outdoor advertising to a more personal level. Outdoor media advertising offers outstanding value for money and provides great ways to increase your awareness in the marketplace.

Whether it is combined with retail media such as in store signage or digital LCD media to extend your message reach or used on its own, Out of Home media will help saturate and ultimately dominate the marketplace.

It’s presence ensures your brand will be top of mind when consumers are ready to buy.

At Nelu’s we know all about how to make your brand stand out from the rest. Our Out of Home media solutions include an array of innovative media that give you a vast range to choose from.

Custom designed exhibition booths

Nelu’s has a wide range of accessories available, that can be coupled with our exhibition system thereby helping to make exhibition stalls furthermore attractive. You can even have a custom built stall to your own designs and specifications.

Share your ideas with us and we’ll do everything in our power to make it happen.

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