Since their first appearance in the early 1900's, Neon signs have been a popular fixture in outdoor advertising. Visible during day time and impossible to miss at night, our Neon signs come in a huge array of colours from the standard gold, white and blue to the more vibrant aqua, lime green, pink, red, etc… altogether consisting of over 150 possible colours for your Neon signage.

Having a life expectancy of around 15 – 20 years, Nelu's neon signs will brighten up your home, workplace or business and can be utilized to add colour to a range of retail locations such as bars, restaurants, game rooms, art pieces or even as novel gifts.

The human eye is naturally drawn to light, that is why a neon sign is an excellent choice for advertising your business. With Nelu's neon signs you'll be gaining not only attractive signage to mesmerize your client base but also a world class product with guaranteed quality.

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