Retail malls, events, tradeshows, airports, train stations, restaurants, bars, fast food outlets, banks, stadiums... the possibilities in Nelu's scroller signs are endless. Wherever a crowd gathers is a good place for a scroller sign. It's simple mechanism allows the viewing of a number of advertisements or displays to be viewed in a very short amount of time and due to its lightweight portability our scrollers need not be confined to a specific location for an extended period.

Available in a multitude of sizes and shapes with various functionalities ( Single sided, double sided, free standing, wall mounted, pole mounted, etc... ) Nelu's scroller signage is equally durable both indoors and outdoors. With the option of either portrait or landscape oriented scroller signs your business can receive the ultimate exposure when your scroller sign is placed in a high traffic location.

The use of colours, motion graphics and animations will certainly promote customers to make those impulse purchases or keep not of your company or brand for future reference. Increase sales, save time and money, inform and educate; all possible with high quality scroller signs from Nelu's.

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