It's great to be able to explore some new ideas on the signage front; the focus is on developing a palette of constructed signs in flat and in 3D with extensive use of our new modular system in mind. This was catalyzed by a desire to carry through the premium feel of the corporate image into the interpretation of the branding on the Signage.

Nelu's modular signage range includes signs for offices, lobbies, public notices, directions, information, etc… With freedom of choice to have your sign done in a variety of materials such as Aluminum, plastic or MDF, our modular sings are available in a vast range of sizes as well as branding options ( sign cut stickers, digital stickers, screen printed stickers, etc…)

Visit Nelu's Advertising for the finest modular signage in Sri Lanka and enhance the image of your property with one of our unique and significant designs.

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