Walking down the street you see advertisements on billboards, storefronts, exterior walls, vehicles, etc… but how often do you see merchandise advertised on the floor. Nelu's floor signs provides an innovative way of showing off your brand, logo ad or for way finding purposes.

Direct traffic, promote a special sale or combine with other mediums of advertising for a complete solution, floor signs can be a very versatile tool in your merchandising arsenal. Being large format digital prints, Nelu's floor signs can be custom cut to resemble any size or shape the job requires.

Floor signs aren't limited to the ground. They could also be used to create vibrant table top displays to add more spark to your retail space. No matter what the event or occasion Nelu's floor signage will bring a sense of class, with its premium quality material and special adhesive which leaves no trace upon removal. Get your message through to the consumer, use a Nelu's floor sign today.

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