Nelu's Print Guide


Printing is our forte, at Nelu’s print our mission is to provide clients with high quality printed outputs through the winning combination of our experienced staff, up to date software, and the latest printing equipment and technologies.

With this, you are assured that we always showcase our printing and designing expertise and give our full attention to every detail of your projects.

Quick Print

With us you’ll receive top notch quality and affordable pricing for various services which include digital printing.

Screen Printing

Being the pioneer in the field, Screen Printing is what we know best. The only printing system in the world that can print on almost every surface you can think of. Nelu’s Print can deliver top notch quality screen printed outputs for banners, retail cut outs, wooden items, acrylic table tops, tshirts etc...

Digital Printing

Digital laser copy printing is another area we specialize in a technology that is ideal for your short run offset quality printing requirements in double quick time.

Offset Printing

Offset Printing is an area we specialize in whether the need be for a poster, a brochure filled with full colour photographs or danglers. Nelu’s Print enables us to give you the best colour registration available.

We’re the ideal place to visit to get exactly what you need.

Screen Printing

Not satisfied with just delivering to client’s printing needs, Nelu’s also helps other screen printers with the launch of “Source One”, the Screen printing consumables and equipment division.


With an Island wide dealer network Nelu’s Source One brings you closer to the best screen printing supplies from the best companies in the world.


Want to start your own entrepreneurial venture in screen printing? Nelu’s Source One has screen printing equipment to suit all sizes of industry from simple single user machines to industrial screen printers.

Training Programs

Nelu’s is proud to have established the Nelu’s School of Screen Printing, where trainees learn the latest technology from the basics up.


Screen exposure in the screen printing process can and is one of the most difficult parts of screen printing. Knowing the proper methods is best to avoid loss of quality to your prints. At Nelu’s we provide screen exposure services to all those who require them.

Screen Stretching

The procedure of stretching the printing fabric to the frame screen is known as screen stretching. For the best quality screen prints, the fabric should be correctly tensioned, properly adhered to the frame and also correctly positioned. Professional stretching outweighs the increased cost that may occur when attempting to do it by yourself. Nelu’s Source One offers professional screen stretching services at very affordable rates.

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